Sports Labs is the only sports surfaces testing company to have a dedicated R&D team. Our team is pushing the boundaries and helping set new industry standards.

Chris Dyson, Research & Development Manager

John McLuckie, Research & Development Engineer | Full Bio
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Hillary Dixon, Research & Development Engineer

Tom Chilvers MEng MIET, Research & Development Engineer | Full Bio
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David Dickinson, Consulting Manager | Full Bio
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Fraser Gilbert, Consulting Engineer | Full Bio
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Mike Roberts, Consultant

Sports Labs site technicians are among the most highly trained and experienced in the industry. Our team are fully accredited by FIFA, World Rugby and all Sports Labs accredited governing bodies. To ensure our technicians continually meet our exacting standards, they are fully trained and regularly assessed in accordance with our ISO UKAS 17025 accreditation. The result? Your surface is tested by the best.

Keith MacPherson, Field Operations Manager | Full Bio
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Nicola Manclark, Field Office Manager

Lynne Cole, Field Operations Administrator

Michael Gillespie, Field Technician

Chris Wallace, Senior Field Technician

Neale Lees, Senior Field Technician

Ryan Latto, Field Technician

Joe Grace, Field Technician

Connor Munro, Field Technician




Catherine Durand, Manager

Soufiane Bidad, Technician


Mete Cekic, Manager


Jeremy Hardouin-Atlan, Technician

South America

Team Technicians


Yannick Peij, Manager

Roy Hubers

Nick Hubers

South Africa

Emma Steyn, Manager


Sports Labs Ltd. is headquartered in Scotland. Please call +44 (0) 1506 444 755 to reach out to anyone on our team. Contacts for our satellite offices & subsidiaries are also listed  here.

Eric O'Donnell, Managing Director | Full Bio
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Richard Nixon, Technical Director

Niall MacPhee, Business Development Manager | Full Bio
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Louise O'Rourke, Office Manager

Jean Parnell, Accounts Manager & Credit Controller

Alison Nixon, Accounts Administrator

Sean Ramsay, with more than 20 years of experience, manages the laboratory with the support of Craig Melrose and a team of highly-skilled test technicians. Sean regularly contributes to Global governing body standards by attending steering group or technical meetings and is a member of the BSI working group, which inputs to the updating of EN standards.

Sean Ramsay, Laboratory Director

Craig Melrose, Laboratory Coordinator

Elaine Miller, Laboratory Administrator

George Wood, Senior Laboratory Technician

Jason Halliday, Senior Laboratory Technician

Joel Quigley, Laboratory Technician

Stephen Duffy, Laboratory Technician

Lewis Kirk, Laboratory Technician

Katy Melrose, Laboratory Technician







United States

Jeff Gentile, Chief Financial Officer

Mike Gentile, Executive Director

Kieran O'Donnell, Operations Manager

Carol Vincent, Office Manager

Shauna O'Connor, Scheduling Coordinator

Rene DuBois, Administrative Assistant

Max Watkins, Senior Field Technician

Mark Korvas, Field Technician

Michael Rocheleau, Field Technician

Chris Madera, Field Technician

Megan Illsey, Laboratory Technician


Micha Swisa, Department Managing Director
The Standards Institution of Israel

Yaniv Smolakov, Engineer
The Standards Institution of Israel

Ron Bouhbout, Engineer
The Standards Institution of Israel