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STE the only dedicated sports surfaces testing equipment supplier, launch their new web site today. An easy to use platform which allows you to purchase what you need online. Alternatively if you require further information you can make an enquiry for the specialist equipment that you have questions about.

Whether you want to buy an infill depth gauge or a AAA device STE can help you with your needs. Quick delivery times and a dedicated set up with the more complex items. Simply go to for the most competitive quality equipment on the market.

 Depth probe for the measurement of infill depth

Ball roll ramps essential in the maintenance of 3G surfaces

HIC equipment for testing playgrounds                                           

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Eric visits new expanded Sporlab TR Laboratory in Ankara

Eric ODonnell MD of Sports Labs visits new Office and Lab in Ankara! Due to a significant increase in testing enquiries in Turkey Mete Ceckic Sporlab TR manager has moved our operation to a new bigger location.

As well as the Office and meeting room there is a new laboratory which allows us to carry out routine tests in Turkey. We believe a first for sports surfaces testing sector in the Country. This will significantly increase the turnaround times for testing samples of Artifical turf and tracks together with indoor floors.

We now have an excellent base which is fit for purpose, we look forward to hosting all our friends for a chi soon very soon!

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Sports Labs at FIFA round robin/training day in Papendal

Sports Labs recently attended a FIFA round robin/PRIMA training day in Papendal to assess and evaluate the lightweight falling weight defelctometer device for testing the formation soils and sub-base of Artifical pitches. This test rig allows the operator to evaluate a base very quickly on site - a normal test would take just a few minutes to complete. The operator can then look at the results on-site to advise the contractor on the acceptability or otherwise of the area being tested. This on-site quick method of testing means there is no delay in waiting for Test Institutes to produce results which have to be taken back to Laboratories for processing. Here we have Niall McPhee one of our senior operators conducting testing on a prepared formation and a plate of the various PRIMA test rigs.