Glasgow Life deliver further 3G pitches

Sports Labs working for Glasgow Life the Leisure Trust operating the sports facilities for Glasgow City Council upgrade 2 No. 3G pitches Working closely with Glasgow Life and Glasgow City Building Sports Labs provided consultancy services to design, procure and manage the refurbishment of two pitches in Glasgow. The good news is that both pitches were designed to allow football and rugby use, the bad news is that both were hockey pitches and now these facilities are lost to hockey. Hockey in Glasgow has moved to the new Commonwealth games venue so it is not a complete negative for that sport.

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Case Study

These refurbishments have reinvigorated what were very dilapidated facilities these are now thriving community based hubs. The biggest beneficiaries of course are rugby who now have excellent training facilities where before there were none! See attached synopsis of the work done to upgrade the facilities.

FIFA Launch natural pitch guide

FIFA launch a global guide to the construction of natural grass pitches.The aim of this guide is to provide background information to assist decision-making and ensure that football pitches are constructed and maintained to a good standard. The guide has been developed primarily for managers and administrators so that they are aware of the main stages in the development of football pitches and the maintenance resources that are necessary to sustain a good quality playing surface.What we found useful is that it deals with the different climatic regions providing relevant advice for cool to very warm environments. Guide to Natural Grass Pitches_E


Scotstoun Stadium in Glasgow hosts the IRB Seven Tournament on Saturday and Sunday The now completed tranformation of Scotstoun to an international rugby venue means its ready for action. Of course we want home advantage here and Glasgow Life have done every possible thing to make the venue right for the weekend for not just Scotland but all the teams. Around 20,000 tickets are already sold meaning there will be a a good chance of a full house over the weekend.

Check out the venue as seen from the TV tower...