Infill splash; preliminary conclusions from research project

Preliminary conclusions from research project into infill splash 330 videos and 990 photographs were gathered during testing. From these, 108 graphs were produced. Upon analysing these graphs, the following conclusions were drawn:

A test has been developed to characterise the infill splash as a result of ball impacts on football turf systems at various angles and speeds. By use of well documented apparatus and high speed camera work the results of the tests can be measured and recorded. Repeated testing of products is suggestive of reproducible results. The height of splash and distribution of fill over an impact area are of lower significance than the T.V categorization would suggest 'in general'. A lower pile weight can be compensated for by high free pile, and vice-versa. • Generally, the higher the free pile, the lower the test values for splash. • Coloured EPDM (green) was less noticeable than the Black and or Brown SBR’s on the camera. • Testing the surface when wet gives lower, or better, results than dry testing.

Does the test measure typical ball impact on the surface? We need to examine TV footage of games to study ball impacts on a field with ball impacts in the Laboratory. Can we rank products with the test? From the data collected it would appear we can rank products as problematic or low splash we need to work on a system to rank products.

The research work will continue so that the test and results can be developed then peer reviewed.