Brock Educational Seminar - a company with a conscience

I was fortunate enough to be asked to speak at the Brock Education Seminar last week. This a major undertaking for the Company is a groundbreaking event because put simply it is about knowledge transfer and not sales and cash! 

The programme included presentations on themes on head injuries and in particular concussion and the damage this does, susatainability and new test methods, testing and research and development. The first session was underscored by presentations by a leading neurosurgeon  Dr Robert Cantu and Chris Nowinski an ex NFL player and now speaker on head injuries this important conversation and its profile was well received by the audience of 125 architects and engineers particularly when injured athletes spoke so eloquently about their life after head injuries sustained in sport.

The second day was all about sustainability, organic infills, shock pads and storm water drainage systems and their management. A look into corporate responsibilities and the move toward more sustainable practices. The third day yes it even had a third day was about new test methods for artificial turf systems, research and development and a very lively discussion about testing using HIC (head injury criterion) for artificial turf systems.

The main point here of course is that Brock put this event on not to drive a sales message at delegates but to provide an educational platform for those attending giving unprecedented access to experts in their field. This is something we endorse as a Company and do like wise when we host events. A lot of Companies could learn from this approach. Well done Brock!