3G pitches and cancer scare

There has been a lot of press recently about the supposed link between playing on 3G pitches and the likelihood or otherwise of being exposed to a cancer risk. There is overwhelming research suggesting there is no link and this is infact an old story which the UK press have got hold of from 2014.

That said as responsible designers, specifiers and testers Sports Labs want to offer owners, Local Authorities, Clubs, School, Leisure Trusts, Facilities Management Companies a way of identifying any risk that they may perceive is associated with the use of 3G pitches containing black SBR rubber crumb. The only sure way to assess the risk is to TEST IT!

If you would like one of our engineers to come to your pitch and obtain samples which can be analysed to determine the risks posed by playing on your pitch then give us a call. If you want to make an equiry by email then email louise@sportslabs.co.uk.