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We are pleased to publish our newsletter following the conference in May. We hope you enjoy reading our news. If you want to visit the conference web site please visit www.sassc.co.za or visit UJSportslabs web site www.ujsportslabs.co.za uj newsletter July 14

First playgrounds tested in South Africa

Johannesburg City Parks have embarked on a programme of funding new play facilities in a number of Townships around Johannesburg. This one is at Orange Farm. City Parks insist that the play facilities meet the highest standards for safety and therefore all play facilities will be checked and tested. Here Emma Styen is seen testing the HIC performance of the safety surfacing. WP_20130611_001WP_20130611_005WP_20130611_003WP_20130611_002 Various plates of set up and testing

Artificial turf for landscaping - an area that requires regulation!

Why is there no regulation of artificial turf for landscaping?

Normally only tests which check for potential flammability or contamination by leaching chemicals into the environment are requested. However more recently Clients want to assess products against quality and durability criteria in order to rank the products as poor/satisfactory/good/excellent. Only more detailed physical testing can do this. Sports Labs have proposed this specification to regulate artificial turf for landscaping.

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Landscape spec