Sports Labs Ltd. Announces Acquisition of ProPitch

Sports Labs have acquired a major stake in ProPitch

LIVINGSTON, Scotland, 27 April 2018 / SPORTS LABS / -- Sports Labs Ltd, the leading international expert in sports surface development and testing, today announced that it has acquired a major share of the ProPitch business. Over the last three years, the two companies have formed a close working alliance. With the market set to grow significantly in the coming years, it made sense for Sports Labs to acquire ProPitch.

This acquisition will bring to ProPitch the Sports Labs management expertise to grow a strong brand, and with Sports Labs geographical locations it can bring the ProPitch system to a large, new client base. This will position it as the global market leader in the evaluation, testing and advisory services sector for natural pitches.

"Acquiring ProPitch fits in with our strategy to diversify our business and provide services in line with what our clients want. We are delighted to welcome our ProPitch colleagues onboard as members of the Sports Labs team," said Eric O'Donnell, Managing Director of Sports Labs Ltd. "This purchase adds that missing range of services to our already broad-based portfolio, meaning we can service both the artificial and natural pitch consultancy and testing market.”

Through the agreement, Sports Labs also acquired ProPitch locations, which will continue to operate as normal. Three employees will transition to Sports Labs.

"ProPitch is delighted to further cement its relationship with Sports Labs through this acquisition. We have worked successfully together for a number of years and it became clear that the companies had likeminded ambitions for growth, quality and innovation and could achieve so much together, to transform the way our respective services are delivered in the industry," said Nick Smith, Managing Director of ProPitch.


About Sports Labs

Sports Labs Ltd is the leading international expert in sports surface development and testing. Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Scotland, its expertise spans sports and stadium field testing, lab testing, 3G and Goal Line Technology. Sports Labs is the only sports surfaces testing company to have a dedicated research and development team working to push the boundaries of the industry and set new standards. Sports Labs Consult was the first to implement Key Stage Inspections (KSI) into to the construction of the whole of the base works of an artificial pitch or track, a practice which is now the industry standard.

About ProPitch
ProPitch has been in operation since 2008. The ProPitch System of quality assurance, analysis and solutions was developed to support club executives, grounds teams and associations to improve their pitches and maintain and monitor them at the highest standards. The patented natural turf rating system, focuses on total playing quality and reflects how the players experience the pitch as well as the quality and presentation of the grass and rootzone. ProPitch is the market leading, independent performance quality assurance for natural turf pitches, bringing a modern approach to the creation of standards and quality assurance.


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