FIFA's position on the Labosport Fibre Performance Index made clear

FIFA set out their position on the FPI in a clear statement as follows:

The FIFA Quality Programme was not involved in the development of the Fibre Performance Index. The programme was developed by Labosport in cooperation with its selected partners and any validation work that happened was done internally. The services offered are therefore based on internal knowhow and the resulting report as well as the index therein is a private label with no binding nature. The tests are on one specific component of an artificial turf system (the yarn) and therefore have no significance for the performance of an entire product and field to be used in football considering that the influence of all the other components is not measured.

The test methods developed by the Quality Programme extensively cover durability, UV stability and fibre resistance as part of an entire system. As a consequence the Fibre Performance Index offers no additional information in relation to the well-documented test and certification process that has been developed by the FIFA Quality Programme for Football Turf.