Infill splash: the extremes examined by high speed camera

Sports Labs have with been examining infill splash for about 3 years now. Characterising this phenomenon has traditionally been performed visually which can lead to subjective analysis of the problem. The recent use of high speed camera's within the FIFA Accredited Test Institutes has opened up an opportunity to standardise the method of analysing  ball/surface interaction and the infill splash which results.

Video footage show here highlights the extremes of splash which can be observed within the 3G product range available which may be examined for certification purposes. FIFA will call for new Football Turf Systems to be assessed for splash in the update of the FQC Handbook of Requirements for Football Turf .

Click on the links to view the footage: image 1 high degree of splash

Image 2 low degree of splash

Further info will be published by FIFA on the test method and splash characterisation in a few months time.