Lisport XL -update

Work on the new Lisport XL has reached an advanced stage now. The kit and procedure developed by Labosport attempts to simulate long term wear in samples tested. Sports Labs are busy preparing for the official launch of the test method which is due to be sanctioned by FIFA later in the year. 

To cope with the obvious demand which will follow the procedures release, Sports Labs are gearing up to have three machines running - all based under one roof in a new Laboratory building we have acquired just to host this kit. This decision will ensure maximum capacity and that the best possible turnaround times can be achieved for our Clients by exercising control of our equipment under the one roof by our current experienced management team.

The new method of preparing samples will take longer to complete than the current procedure and will requires larger samples of turf and a great deal more performance infill to allow the addition of ball roll tests and infill splash to be completed.