FIFA round robin 2014 comes to Scotland

This year Sports Labs Ltd hosted the FIFA Round Robin for FIFA accredited Football Turf test institutes. This will be the first year since it’s inception in 2005 that the event has taken place in the UK. The event was held over a 3 day period and is used by FIFA to assess the quality and consistency of accredited test institutes from around the world. Test institutes from as far as Australia and the USA have been in attendance.

The assessment took place at the artificial turf pitches at the indoor facilities at Toryglen on 25th Tuesday and 26th Wednesday February and then Ravenscraig on Thursday 27th February.

Representatives from Sports Labs Ltd were at the round robin from the USA, Turkey, South Africa, Belgium. There were 13 test institutes and 41 technicians taking part in total.

Given Scotland leads the world with artificial pitches in Stadiums within the top leagues of football and a number of new Clubs are converting in the 2014/2015 season this is a ‘hot’ topic for football in Scotland.