Sports Labs research adding maintenance applications to the Lisport test

Sports Labs in conjunction with Strathclyde University focused on one of the draw backs of the Lisport test which is the simulation of maintenance of the surface under test. The Lisport involves assessing the wear of artificial turf by simulating extended periods of use. One of the major short comings of this test is that it does not take into account maintenance which is performed on artificial turf and the effects this has on the wear of the turf over time. Therefore the aim of this project was to implement maintenance procedures into the Lisport. These will include brushing, which levels the infill and tining, which helps to prevent compaction of the infill. The final solution will aim to be fully automated in order to limit the technician time required for the operation. Here we have the student group who carried out the Lisport research.

Strathclyde students - Presentation picture