Maintaining the peak performance of your pitch

[slideshow]Maintaining the performance of a 3G pitch needs regular maintenance we all know. The two most common issues with 3G pitches are; The pile flattens and changes the playing performance of the surface and affects the ball/surface interaction

Infill consolidates exacerbating the flat pile issue and affects the shock absorption of the pitch

It is clear that regular planned maintenance is essential to keep a playing surface in good condition. However FIFA have in its FQC attempted to address these issues by insisting a field maintenance equipment must include ball roll equipment. Another tool which would be beneficial for operators is an infill depth probe.

This simple device allows the operator to check infill depths at regular intervals thus allowing for the identification of any low spots or a general lack of infill depth.

These tools are low cost and easy to use by ground staff. Sports Labs receive enquiries about equipment every week so we have made these items of equipment available to everyone.

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