Blair Montgomery Joins Sports Labs

Blair Montgomery joins Sports Labs following a year long vocational project lead by Sports Labs.   Blair researched rugby surfaces where he compared modern stadium grass pitches with high spec artificial rugby pitches with shock pads. The results will be published soon on the LinkedIn site 'the next big thing in football turf''.

So we asked Blair a few questions to get to know the real guy behind the Engineer.

Blair tell us a bit about your self? Where are you from etc?

Schooled at Musselburgh Grammar and still stay in the town. Sport is a huge part of me and my family’s hobbies (and jobs).

What did you study at Napier University? BSc (Hons) Sports Technology

What did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be in Graphic Communication (techy drawing and possibly a woodwork teacher).

What is your favourite movie? Not a film, but my favourite all time viewing is Fawlty Towers

You are a bit of a runner so what your best race distance and what's your best time 10k in 37min 40s and half marathon in 1hr 22min 30s. No chance of a marathon any time soon though!

Whats the hardest thing you have ever done? Sticking with my football during long periods on the bench when I felt I deserved a start and eventually taking my chance when it came along.

Coffee or whisky? No option of Guinness?!

Haggis or tripe? I’ve never had tripe

Favourite trip since working with Sports Labs? Without a doubt Canada. A great atmosphere watching the Stanley Cup Final between Vancouver and Dallas!

Blair graduates from Napier University this summer welcome aboard Blair!