City centre athletics a great success

[gallery orderby="rand"]INTERNATIONAL POLE VAULT EVENT IN GEORGE SQUARE, GLASGOW Always at the cutting edge of providing innovative sports events to the public Glasgow City Council through their events Dept staged a city centre pole vault event. With the world famous back drop of George Square vaulting toward the statue of Sir Walter Scott the sight of top athletes flying over the bar was a spectacle indeed. One athlete quote; "fantastic" it's that simple when do you ever get a chance to vault in front of thousands of people in a City Centre.

Athletics brought right to the tea time public who were traversing the square rushing for trains and buses, paused drawn by the razamataz of the music and PA announcing each vaulter and to for a moment get involved.

Sports Labs Ltd, were engaged by City of Glasgow Council to verify the compliance of the event against IAAF requirements to ensure that records can be ratified.

The importanvvce of this type of event cannot be undecrstated; Glasgow will host the Commonwealth Games in 2014 and the success of this event is heavily reliant on the Public buying into attending all the sports hosted.

Increasing the profile of sport by putting on more and more events which the public can get involved in will help to make the 2014 event the best yet.

Well done Glasgow City Council.