With the increasing complexities of artificial sports surfaces ‘system’ and in particular 3G pitches, you can rely on Sports Labs proactive and quality assured approach to keep your company on the right track.


We test to internationally recognised and governing body standards.
We offer the most reactive and price friendly service on the market. With over thirty trained and qualified engineers, working in eight satellite Laboratories, across four continents. In 2014 we tested over 460 pitches. Field Testing

Lab Testing

Lab testing at Sport labs

Sports Labs develop and build a variety of test kits to conduct both field and laboratory analysis. Sports Labs are the only lab to have an integrated testing buggy allowing for fast and accurate results. We are also pioneers in the advancement of testing goal line technology and 3G infill splash. Our Labs

Goal Line Technology

In association football, goal line technology is a method used to determine when the ball has completely crossed the goal line in between the goal-posts and underneath the crossbar. Additionally the use of electronic devices to assist the referee in the decision to award a goal or not. Read More...

Innovation & Research

Design consultancy innovation and research

At Sports Labs, we are committed to investing in research programmes that benefit the wider industry. Sports Labs provide the resources for developing test methods, new equipment and new innovative methodologies for many of the research activities promoted by Global Governing Bodies.  Our application of the latest, available technologies reflects our commitment to workforce efficiency. Our Crew